Thursday, April 6, 2017

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Distorted Perception......True or False???


Are you seeing yourself as you truly are? 

   How many of us find ourselves standing in front of a mirror silently critiquing our bodies and ruthlessly pointing out all of our flaws, but how bad are they really?  Pinching that extra roll of skin by your bellybutton, flapping your arms to make them jiggle, inspecting the dimples appearing everywhere but in the cheeks you want them in!!  

     So often we find ourselves green with envy, whether it's looking through a fitness or fashion magazine, comparing ourselves to our friends or maybe the buff babes in our early morning hot yoga, bootcamp or spin class.  We put these people up on a pedestal and desire to be more like them, but what we fail to see sometimes is just how close we are to being an exact replica of what we're looking at.  How distorted are the eyes you're looking through?  This exact thing happened recently with two friends and I want to share with you a look through their eyes and a fresh perspective on body image that will hopefully have you looking at yourself in a new and more appreciative way.

Meet Sarah and Ruthie.  Yes, they are twins LOL  I want to share an inside look into what goes through their minds with you. 

" My sister and I live on opposite sides of the country. We both partake in a healthy and fit lifestyle. We also talk on a daily basis about our progress, challenges, and okay..... we complain about what we could do better or where we feel we went wrong. We also say things like, "I wish I could look like you in... this area, or that area" with regard to our fitness results. We often say how "tiny" the other is and how "healthy" the other looks and get down on ourselves for not "feeling the same way" despite our reassurances to each other. We are blind from what we are, in trying to achieve something that we want.
We recently reunited in BC and had the opportunity to take a fit test, including our body measurements and weight. Turns out... we are 1/4 inch different in some areas of our body measurements, and in most cases, identical!! Our weight.... exactly the same right down to the decimal point. Did we mention we are identical twins? "

~ Sarah Riche

Wow!  Sarah really hits the nail on the head when she says we are blind from what we are in trying to achieve something we want!    When I'm working with personal training clients they often tell me they want to look like a certain celebrity or close mutual friend I will know.  I find it hard to break the news to them that they are in fact a lot closer than what they believe, but I would be a dishonest trainer if I just took their money and continued to let them believe they were a long way off of their desired goals.  Sometimes they're even more advanced than what it is they desire to be, but are too blind to see it.  So how do you feel when you find out that you are in fact already in the body you've so intensely desired to have?  Hear what Ruthie has to say.

"Having a reality check like the fitness and body measurements test my sister and I took together was a real eye opener!!  My sister has the PERFECT  body in my opinion and to learn we were only 1/4 inch different was a real shock to the system.  It doesn't get much more surreal and confusing than that.  I mean,  how did I achieve this perfect body and not even see it?  It was staring me in the face every single day and I was blinded by my own clouded version of myself to even see it. 

   It really got me thinking about how I must be speaking to myself at a subconscious level on a daily basis.  How unconstructive and damaging we can be to ourselves if we don't stop and take note of what messages we're sending.  I realized that we greatly limit ourselves due to unspoken beliefs and our unjustified harshness we use when looking in the mirror.   Our minds are amazingly powerful tools and our bodies eagerly accept what we tell them like sponges.  This experience really made me stop and reexamine my goals and also how I view myself and others around me. 
                                                  ~Ruthie Riche

     There are far too many lies in the news and media these days with all kinds of false claims of magic diet pills, powders and exercises fixes to achieve that perfect butt or even trim, sculpted arms and tummies.  What you aren't hearing is that all too often this is the end result of one, if not many, plastic surgeries plus the help of personal chefs, nutritional programs and hours in the gym with a personal trainer.  We are constantly bombarded with super thin models on tv, online and in magazines and body distortion disorders start to form very early on in childhood.  Be very careful how you talk about yourself in front of your children!  The words you say to yourself today and the worth you place on your own image will directly affect how your daughters, sisters, nieces and even young boys will view themselves.  If you suspect that someone you know is intentionally or unintentionally suffering an eating disorder as a result of a distorted body image please speak with a family doctor, counsellor or check one of the resources below for information on where to find help.  These are serious conditions that can have dire and sometimes fatal consequences.  They should not be taken lightly!

Speak kindly to yourself and fill yourself up with positive, uplifting messages and thoughts every day. 

 "I love my body because........"  
"I am beautiful!"  
"I am STRONG!!"  
"I am amazing."
" I am powerful."

Help for eating disorders

For help and support for anorexia and bulimia in the U.S., call 1-800-931-2237, a toll-free hotline offered by the National Eating Disorder Association.

Finding help and support in other countries

Find an eating disorder service near you - In the UK, find a directory of eating disorder services and support, or call the helpline at 0345 634 1414. (Helpfinder)
Helplines - In Australia, find local eating disorder helplines and support or call the Butterfly national helpline at 1800 33 4673. (National Eating Disorders Collaboration)
Service Provider Directory - In Canada, find local treatment and support, or call the helpline at 1-866-633-4220.